Colleyville, TX


Say Goodnight to Tired Eyes With Eye Rejuvenation Treatments!

The skin around your eyes is some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on your whole body. Because it’s so fragile, it can easily be stretched and pulled by rubbing your eyes or scrubbing your face with a washcloth. It’s also easily affected by lack of sleep and stress. Unfortunately, all of that wear and tear on your eyes can build up over time to make you look older and more fatigued than you actually are.

But have no fear! You don’t have to go around life looking tired and old. Thanks to advances in medical spa treatments, at Juvia Med Spa, we can offer you state-of-the-art eye rejuvenation treatment in Colleyville. Our eye treatments range from facials, peels, and amazingly effective skin care products to fillers and muscle relaxing injectables, all depending on your needs.

With filler injections (such as Juvederm and Restylane), we can plump drooping eyelids and fill in sunken circles under the eyes. We can also fill in fine lines and creases at the corners of your eyes and between your brows. With injections of Botox or Dysport, the muscles around the target area will be partially paralyzed and will relax away from the facial expressions causing worry lines and crows’ feet.

Your eyes don't have to show your age. They can be smooth, gorgeous, and sparkling well into your years with just a little bit of help from your favorite local medical spa. All of our treatments are safe and effective, and, unlike most surgical procedures, you’ll see instant results with no downtime.

Are you ready to learn more about eye rejuvenation treatments? Would you like a free consultation to determine the best form of treatment for you? Give us a call at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700.