Colleyville, TX


Laser Tattoo Removal – Restore Your Natural Beauty!

Do you have one or more tattoos that you wish you’d never gotten? Whether it’s an ex-lover’s name or a dolphin jumping through a yin-yang symbol, sometimes a tattoo doesn’t need to last forever. Fortunately, with our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, laser tattoo removal in Colleyville is effective and affordable.

How does laser tattoo removal work? Focusing a high-intensity laser light on the tattoo penetrates the upper layers of skin, breaking the ink up without doing any significant damage to your skin. This allows the body to safely absorb the tattoo’s ink and dispose of it.

Multiple sessions may be necessary to fully remove a tattoo. The number of sessions and the healing period between them will depend a great deal on the color and size of the tattoo, as well as on your skin type. Typically, we recommend waiting 6-12 weeks between sessions to ensure that the body has carried away as much of the ink as possible and fully healed the affected area before the next treatment.

If you’re tired of looking at a tattoo that seemed like a good idea at the time, and you’re ready to start fresh with a clean slate, you owe it to yourself to visit us at Juvia Med Spa for tattoo removal in Colleyville. Laser treatments almost never leave any scarring, especially if you follow our after care instructions and recommendations closely.

Starting with a free consultation and your first session, you could be on your way to beautifully clear skin that shows no sign of ever having been tattooed at all. For more information and to schedule your first appointment, give us a call at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700.. After your laser tattoo removal, you’ll never have to say, “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” again!