Colleyville, TX


Experience the Benefits of a Facelift Without Surgery

Have you noticed your cheeks starting to sag? Do you have worry lines between your brows and crows’ feet around your eyes? Do your eyelids droop, and do you constantly have bags or dark circles under your eyes? You might want to consider what we call a liquid face lift in Colleyville at Juvia Med Spa.

Instead of a surgical procedure – which is incredibly expensive and not often covered by insurance plans – you can visit your favorite medical spa. Our treatments are less expensive than surgery, and they require little to no downtime after your session.

So what is a liquid facelift? Basically, any treatment that uses an injectable to relax or fill in wrinkles is considered a liquid facelift because, instead of cutting and pulling your skin in a surgical procedure, we’re using liquid injection treatments to make you look and feel younger and more beautiful.

With one of our most popular procedures, the Vampire Facelift treatment, Colleyville residents can have a solution of their own plasma and a cocktail of essential vitamins and nutrients injected into their skin to stimulate collagen production and healing. After this treatment, your face will appear immediately bright, dewy, and youthful again.

If you’ve been dreaming of full, pouty, sexy lips, you can also now receive effective and affordable lip filler in Colleyville at Juvia Med Spa. In this procedure we’ll inject either Juvederm or Restylane into your lips to give them a plumper, more appealing look that lasts for months before you need any more injections.

We use microcannulas for all of our injectables, so you’ll see less (or no) bruising or swelling in the target area. Instead, you’ll see instant results with very little pain or discomfort. Are you ready to find out if one of these treatments is right for you? Call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700. to schedule a free consultation!